Zeno after finishing the T.o.P (Credit: ScoutFriggus)

Zeno-Sama is an NPC that is hidden inside the pillar in the middle Tournament of Power. Once you beat the Jiren—The final boss—The pillar lowers, revealing Zeno. He grants the player 1 wish each time, with 3 wishes to choose from.

List of Wishes

  • 100K Zeni: Gives the player 100,000 Zeni. It's highly recommended to choose this wish first, as it can help a lot to get transformations like Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken x 10 or Ultra Instinct. It also helps with unlocking all clothes and moves. Using Elder Kai, the player can earn 1 million EXP with the zeni, though if you're at T.O.P. level, it's hardly worth it.
  • Prestige: Returns the player to level 1, with an added tag above their name displaying how many times they have used this wish. The player also keeps 20% of their stats from before prestiging.
  • Remove Level Cap: Allows the player to gain levels past 500, allowing the user to get Mastered Ultra Instinct when they have Prestiged twice.