The 'Wear Your Own Clothes' gamepass icon.

The 'Wear Your Own Clothes' gamepass can be purchased for 450 ROBUX and allows players to wear any purchased shirts or pants in their ROBLOX inventory inside of the game. Accessories, gears, t-shirts, and packages are permitted.

Notes Edit

  • You can wear clothing bought in game at any time with this gamepass and in game accessories such as a scouter. This is done by simply changing your clothes the normal in game way.
  • You can select what clothing you wear by changing your ROBLOX avatars clothing but if in game this won't change your character right away.
    • In order for a change to happen players must, go to a new area (such as Namek or Space), leave game then rejoin, hold charge and reset until you die also known as a charge reset, or talk to the Hair Stylist in West City. Dying normally doesn't change your clothing.