Vegeta is an NPC Quest Giver located in both West City and the Capsule Corp courtyard on Future Earth, he can also be found in Tournament of Power (T.O.P) as a hostile NPC. He stands stationary in the '/e cross' pose and hands out a Daily Quest. His hairstyle is style number 56. His West City's counterpart's outfit has been removed from West City Shop by Snake. However, his future counterpart's outfit can be found on the second floor of the Central City Shop.

Quests Edit

For the Earth quest, you must win 10 ranked matches. He will then reward you with 10,000 Zeni and 22,000 XP. For the Future Earth quest, you must defeat Vegeta as a SSJB. He will then reward you with 3,000 Zeni and 4,000,000 XP. Both quests handed out by Vegeta can be done daily.