Were you looking for Mastered Ultra Instinct?

Ultra Instinct, canonically called Ultra Instinct "Omen" (or Ultra Instinct "Sign"), or "UI" for short, is a form available to all races that can be bought at level 490 for 300,000 Zeni, found in the 'Other' section of the Skills Shop. The process of activating the Omen, once purchased, is vastly different when compared to activating other forms.


Health Max Ki Max Melee Damage Ki Damage Melee Resistance Ki Resistance Speed
+0 +0 +500 +500 +500 +500 +500


  • Can only be attained by transforming once the players Health and Ki are equal to or below 15%. Activating it will restore 100% of the user's Health and Ki.
  • Enormous Ki drain, exceeding Super Saiyan 3 and Imperfect Golden. This results in the form lasting for roughly 90 seconds.
  • Cannot be manually deactivated. Ki must completely drain.
  • Attacks that would normally use up Ki will not, and will instead automatically refill the used-up Ki.
  • Running is replaced with vanishing.
  • Normal punches and heavy hits teleports the player to a close target.
  • There is no way to regenerate Ki (includes Senzu Beans/Jars and Ki charging).
  • 50% dodge chance for all attacks. The user will vanish staying in the same position but taking no damage.
  • As of the Mastered Ultra Instinct update, you lose almost all health when losing the transformation, however there is no effect, unlike Mastered Ultra Instinct.
  • Omen has no hidden Ki max increase, unlike most other forms.
  • It has a five minute cooldown before being able to be used again.
    • This can be changed by charge-resetting. Doing so will make the cooldown timer 0.