The Tournament of Power arena.

The Tournament Of Power is currently the final world in Final Stand. The player must be level 400 to participate in the Tournament. It can be attempted and repeated numerous times.

Accessing the Tournament of Power

To access the Tournament of Power, the player must fly up to Kami's Lookout, where Whis will be waiting in front of a row of 10 seats. If a player equal to or above Level 400 sits on one of these seats, a 30 second countdown will begin. Once the 30 second timer has expired, players who have recently sat on the seats and not died will be teleported to the Tournament of Power.

Arrival and Opponents

Once the player/s spawn into the map, every NPC will begin to fight another in the same groups of two (though they deal no damage to one another). NPCs will grow start to attack players if they or their opponent get close to a player while being damaged. NPC opponent groups are:

  • Katopesla and Zarbuto
  • Murisam and Android 17
  • Caulifla and Ribrianne
  • Goku and Toppo
  • Tien and The Preechio
  • Android 18 and Damon
  • Cocotte and Roshi
  • Golden Frieza and Dyspo
  • Vegeta and Cabba
  • Gohan and Hit
  • Vuon and Prum
  • Murichim and Caway
  • Maji Kayo and Kale
  • Methiop and Napapa
  • Roselle and Ganos
  • Frost and Krillin
  • Kahseral and Lavender
  • Piccolo and Bergamo
  • Shantza and Sorrel

Some NPCs are capable of regaining all their health and transforming into different forms (increasing their damage and health) once they get damaged enough. These characters include:

  • Goku (transforms into SSJB upon reaching 50% health).
  • Vegeta (transforms into SSJB upon reaching 50% health).
  • Cabba (transforms into SSJ2 upon reaching 50% health).
  • Caulifla (transforms into SSJ2 upon reaching 50% health).
  • Kale (transforms into SSJ Berserker upon reaching 50% health).
  • Kale and Caulifla (fuse into Kefla upon one of them reaching 5% health).
  • Kefla (transforms into SSJ2 upon reaching 50% health).

Once all NPCs have been defeated, Jiren will spawn close to the center of the arena. Once defeated, the players are rewarded with 130,000,000 EXP and cause the pillar in the middle to sink, revealing Zeno. Interacting with Zeno will prompt the player with one of three wishes from the Super Dragon Balls. Upon making the wish, players are kicked from the game.

These wishes are:

  • 100K Zeni: Brings the players total Zeni count to 100,000. It's highly recommended to choose this wish first, as it can help a lot to get transformations like Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken x 10 or Ultra Instinct. It also helps with getting every clothing item, every move, and will yield 1 million EXP if spent with Elder Kai.
  • Prestige: Prestige allows you to start over with new transformations and you can keep 20% of your stats and other benefits. Click on the "Prestige" word above for more information.
  • Remove Level Cap: Normally, the level max. is 500, but with this wish, you can remove this level max.


  • Natural HP regeneration is disabled, meaning health can only be restored by transforming every 7 minutes or by using green Senzu Beans.
  • Jiren has a high Ki Damage stat, meaning his Power Impact and Justice Flash are incredibly potent.
  • Once a player dies, they are moved to the Spectator Stands and cannot use any moves other than basic melee attacks and Ki blasts.
    • However, they still get the wish and exp even if they die.
  • Instant Transmission and Fusion Dance are disabled in the Tournament.
  • Red, Yellow and Blue Senzu Beans and Jars last longer depending on the amount of living players (i.e. 1 player = 30 seconds of effect, 10 players = 6 seconds of effect).
  • After you beat Jiren, there is a time limit to get your wish from Zeno, and if it runs out you will get kicked, regardless if you got your wish or not
    • Even though tecnically you won the Tournament, the message displays "You failed" if the time runs out.
    • The time to get your wish is approximately 2 minutes.
  • Some npc's will reach out to help other npc's in a fight for a connection or a sense of survival : Example Frieza/Frost/Hit teleports to players at critical condition to eliminate them.
  • When attacking Krillin or Master Roshi, Universe 7 members such as Goku/Gohan/Piccolo will come help them fight against you.
  • It became harder since Genocide Shell was nerfed, as it was useful to kill Jiren.
  • The T.O.P is the best way to get EXP from level 400 on.
    • However, starting at level 591, you only get 1 level from T.O.P.
  • Krillin is the only NPC with the ability to use Solar Flare, a blinding move that once used turns the screens of all players nearby to a plane white, leaving the player vulnerable for attack. Note this move is not available for purchase in the shop and is limited to only Krillin.


  • Universe 7 team is the only one without missing fighters.
  • Missing Fighters In The T.O.P:

Universe 2: Hermila, Sanka Ku (Kakunsa), Su Roas (Rozie), Jimeze (The Yardrat), Vikal, Zirloin

Universe 3: Narirama, Koitsukai, Viara, Koichiarator, Panchia, Nigrisshi, Bollarator (Anilaza would appear when the robots and/or Paparoni are all at low health).

Universe 4: Monna, Shosa, Nink, Majora, Dercori, Gamisaras

Universe 6: Dr. Rota, Botamo, Magetta, Saonel, Pirina

Universe 9: Basil, Hop, Oregano, Hyssop, Comfrey, Chappil

Universe 10: Lilibeu, Jirasen, Rubalt, Obuni, Zium, Jilcol

Universe 11: Zoiray, Tupper, Kettol, Kunshi


  • Bringing a full team is heavily recommended, for obvious reasons.
  • It is possible to complete a tournament of power run in under 30 minutes with as few as 2 players, if one player knows the red jar glitch and has over 1000 base form melee damage, and the other player keeps a careful eye on their HP, healing them with green jars as needed.
  • NPCs that transform won't do so while they are locked in a combo move (i.e. Spirit Bomb Sword).With enough coordenation, a team can constantly chain these NPCs in an endless sequence of these moves, killing them without having them transform (nor fuse in Kale's and Caulifla's case).
    • With the use of the red jar glitch, this process can be severly sped up, to the point of 2 players being able to take down Vegeta or Goku in one coordenated attack.
  • Deal with weaker enemies like Napapa and Paparoni first. Fighting stronger enemies in a crowd of weaker ones will result in them growing aggro on you eventually.
  • If you didn't bring any green Senzu Beans or Jars with you, stick together with other people who do. Strength in numbers.
  • You can still support your teammates even if you get knocked out. The radius of the Senzu Jars can reach outside the invisible barriers in some places, allowing you to provide them with health, or any other jar effect if close enough.
  • Stay as far away from the top of the map as possible. The ceiling will begin to fling the player dramatically in all directions and can cause the player to be sent into the Spectator Stands.
    • The ceiling can be used to freeze many NPCs however, and even prevents them from transforming.
  • Don't fly into the sides of the map or the bottom at high speed, either. Some areas will send the player into the Spectator Stands if collided with.
  • It is very possible for mean-spirited players to get you stuck in the "Power Impact glitch", to counter this without resetting, have another player use Spirit Splash on you, then backflip out of it.