Description Edit

The Secret World is the newest world added to Dragon Ball Z: Final Stand, and requires level 350 to enter. The quests typically have high rewards, exceeding that of future, however are much more difficult in compensation. It can be accessed by walking into a vortex on a grey platform near Watrin, see Space.

The area brings a whole new quest type to the player, "Golden Quests", these grant much more rewards when compared to regular quests, these quests are functionally identical to One-Time Quests, (However, they can be glitched and completed twice in some cases) aside from their very high rewards and different quest icon coloring. They all require you to kill NPCs. All the Golden Quests are given by "Universal GOD, Friaza", located directly in the front of the player when they arrive, though there are two regular One-Time quests given by Pikkon and Frieza around the map.

The world seems like a mixture of "The Other World" and "Hell" from the DBZ, at lower levels, it is probable that the player will need help in defeating some of the most challenging enemies (Like Friaza him/herself or Gohan Blanco and El Hermano). See Enemy NPC.

Map Edit

There is only one spawn where you see a lake standing in front of it the multi-quest giver Friaza.To the left of it, there is the otherworld where you find the quest giver Pikkon and you find two npc's that are Gogeta and Janemba. To the right, you find the whole Ginyu force along with Perfect Cell. Further from that, there is the island resembling Beerus' planet with two NPCs, Champa and Beerus, in it. There is a cocoon island where Frieza gives you a quest to defeat the Universal GOD FRIAZA (1% POWER). The universal god is in a tournament looking like a place where you find Goku and Vegeta dead and the lore of it as a standing neutral NPC. On the edge of the map, there is the spawn place of el Hermano and Gohan Blanco that looks like a mountain.


Objective Category Reward Quest Giver
[FURTHER BEYOND] Defeat Gohan Blanco & El Hermano Golden 99,999 Zeni

9,999,999 EXP

[THE GODS] Defeat Beerus & Champa Golden 50,000 Zeni

9,000,000 EXP

[GARBAGE FORCE] Defeat the local Ginyu Force (except Ginyu) Golden 4000 Zeni

400,000 EXP

[GINYU & CELL] Defeat Ginyu & Cell (Broken) Golden 5000 Zeni

400,000 EXP

Defeat Janemba and Gogeta One-Time 20,000 Zeni

4,000,000 EXP

Defeat Universal GOD FRIAZA (1% POWER) One-Time -1000 Zeni

99,999,999 EXP


Notes Edit

  • The Secret World is the only warp to have a global chat (besides ranked matches).
  • The Ginyu and Cell quest is currently impossible due to the NPC that you need to kill, "Cell", being actually named Perfect Cell.
  • Comically, the player is given two options when speaking to Frieza about his quest, "No" and "No", he still gives you the quest regardless.
  • The god Friaza quest takes 1000 Zeni from the player upon completion.
  • At lvl 350 once the player completes the Friaza quest and defeats Friaza, the player will gain 34-35 lvls.