Space map

'Space' is an unlockable area after reaching Level 200 and interacting with the Spaceship outside of Capsule Corp on Earth. It is the second unlockable area and holds a smaller land size compared to Earth due to the majority of the map being empty space to travel through.

In Space, players are given access to Saiyan Pods that boost their Speed by 1,500 points and are provided with tougher and more rewarding quests than what was provided on Namek (such as fighting Broly and defeating every unique race on every planet).

Points of Interest

  • Beerus's Planet - A purple planet with four moons in orbit and a large tree sticking out from the centre. Here, players can fight Beerus.
  • New Planet Vegeta - An isolated green planet with two moons in orbit and several ruined buildings. Here, players can fight Broly.
  • Frieza's Ship - Frieza's Spaceship from Namek located next to the Asteroids. Here, players can fight Mecha Frieza
  • Earth and Namek - Flying into either of these planets will teleport the player to the titular planet. Earth is positioned close to Frieza's Ship and the Asteroids, whilst Namek is close to Yardrat and the Gas Station spawn point.
  • Portal to The Secret World - The portal to The Secret World is located in Gohan Blanco's arena, who has been relocated to The Secret World, alongside his opponent, El Hermano. When you get there, a pink vortex should be there instead, touching it will take you to the new area, if you are level 350 or above.
  • Random Vortexes - The player may rarely find random vortexes, unlike the scripted vortex near Watrin, these have no use other than asthetic.


  • Spacepods adjust depending on the player's size.
    • If a player is charging when they choose to get in a spacepod they will keep charging while they are in the spacepod, even if they transform they will keep charging and won't consume ki.
    • Transforming into a transformation that increases size (e.g. Cooler Form) while in a spacepod will also make it grow in size instantly.