An example of the Player Stats menu.

Skill Points are points awarded to players after a Level Up and can be distributed to seven different categories that improve the players damage, durability and speed. These seven displayed categories are:

  • Health Max - Determines the amount of hit points a player has.
  • Ki Max - Determines how much Ki a player can hold before having to recharge.
  • Melee Damage - Determines the amount of damage delivered with punches and moves purchased from the Melee section of the Shop.
  • Ki Damage - Determines the amount of damage delivered with Ki-based attacks, such as the standard Ki Blast and moves purchased from the Ki section of the Shop.
  • Melee Resistance - Determines a players tolerance to melee-based damage sources.
  • Ki Resistance - Determines a players resistance to Ki-based damage sources.
  • Speed - Determines a players movement speed (excluding walking) and melee attack speed.

Methods of Obtaining Stat PointsEdit

  • Leveling up your character is the most straight-forward method of earning a stat point. Every level gives the player 1 point to any stat they choose.
  • After leveling up twice (thrice if the player is a Saiyan or once if the player is an Android), they will be rewarded with +1 stats to all categories.
  • Namekians are able to fuse with Kami and Nail for a +20 stat boost each that can be freely distributed. They can be fused with only once and cannot be fused with after prestiging.