An example of the Player Stats menu.

Skill Points are points awarded to players after a Level Up and can be distributed to seven different categories that improve the players damage, durability and speed. These seven displayed categories are:

  • Health Max - Increases the overall hit points of the player.
  • Ki Max - Increases the overall amount of Ki the player can store.
  • Melee Damage - Increases the amount of damage delivered with punches and moves purchased from the Melee section of the Shop as well as basic attacks.
  • Ki Damage - Increases the amount of damage delivered from moves that utilize Ki for attacking. These include all moves from the Ki section of the shop, some of the melee moves and the standard Ki Blast.
  • Melee Resistance - Increases the players resistance to melee-related damage sources.
  • Ki Resistance - Increases the players resistance to Ki-related damage sources.
  • Speed - Increases the players overall running, hit and flight speed.

Methods of Obtaining Stat PointsEdit

  • Leveling up your character is the most straight-forward method of earning a stat point. Every level gives the player 1 point to any stat they choose.
  • After leveling up twice (thrice if the player is a Saiyan or once if the player is an Android), they will be rewarded with +1 stats to all categories.
  • Namekians are able to fuse with Kami and Nail for a +20 stat boost each that can be freely distributed. They can be fused with only once and cannot be fused with after prestiging.