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Shenron is the legendary Dragon that is invoked when all seven Dragon Balls are assembled. Shenron looks like a Chinese/Japanese dragon.

There is only one Dragon Ball per server, and it spawns in one of 15 (or more) locations. Once collected, it will disappear, preventing players from collecting any more on the same server. Once the player has collected seven in total, Shenron will spawn from the final ball and grant the player one of four wishes:

Zeni: Grants the player 50,000 Zeni.

EXP: Grants the player 400k EXP. (May have changed)

Re-do Character: Returns the player to the character creation screen, allowing them to change their cosmetic appearance and race. The player does not lose any levels or EXP upon selecting this option.

Re-do Stats: returns all spent stat points to reallocate however you see fit.


  •  Many dragon balls are awkwardly located against corners or in caves, which can cause some collision glitches during the summoning of Shenron, launching you far away preventing you from making your wish. Be careful when picking up the 7th dragon ball.
  • Choosing the "Re-do Stats" wish will not give the player the 2 free points they get at the start of the game.