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The GUI you see if you have any Senzu Beans.

Senzu Beans and Senzu Jars are consumable items that can be purchased from Korin in Central City and in Future Central City for 2500 Zeni and 4000 Zeni respectively. Senzu Beans affect the user only and come in sets of 8, whilst Senzu Jars affect all nearby players and come in sets of 6.

Beans and Jars are available in four varities: Green, Red, Blue and Yellow. Their corresponding effects are:

  • Green Beans: Restores all Health and Ki to the player.
  • Red Beans: Doubles Melee and Ki Damage for 30 seconds and creates a red Tesla effect around the player.
  • Blue Beans: Grants unlimited Ki to the player for 30 seconds and generates small blue particles around the player.
  • Yellow Beans: Makes players invincible for 10 seconds and surrounds the player in vibrating yellow lines.
    • Blocking will disable the invincibility effect.


Bugs & ExploitsEdit

  • Players are capable of spamming multiple Beans and Jars by vanishing (Shift + Q) repeatedly and pressing C whilst the player is invisible, this is called bean stacking.
    • When done with red beans or red jars it continues to multiply the player/players base melee and ki damage.
    • This glitch allowed players to level up thousands of times through spamming Red Beans and/or Jars and causing a massive about of damage to groups of people. As of August 16th, this exploit has been fixed and all known abusers have had their data wiped.
    • As of August 22nd bean stacking was added back into the game, SnakeWorl tweeted "Bean stacking is back by popular demand"
  • Players were able to buy a surplus of Senzu Beans or Jars and then switch them to their counterpart and/or an entirely new Senzu color. As of August 22nd, this bug has been fixed.
  • Buying Senzu Beans or Jars from Future Korin removes all current Senzu Beans or Jars the player has and only sets you have 6 or 8 at one time.