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Master Roshi is an NPC located at Kame House, along with Krillin, on Earth.

He wears the same clothes he wore in Dragon Ball Z, in which the player can buy from South City's Hair Salon & Clothing Shop. His hairstyle is available to the player as "Style 23", and is seen holding a bo staff and a weighted turtle shell.

In the Dragon Ball canon Edit

Master Roshi ('Muten Rōshi', lit. "Old Heavenly Martial Arts Master"), or Turtle Hermit ('Kamesen'nin'), is the inventor of the Kamehameha wave. While his parents are unknown, we do know that he is the brother of Fortuneteller Baba. He was the student of Master Mutaito (who is deceased), and Korin. Since he possesses the title "master", his known students are Goku, Krillin, Yamcha, Grandpa Gohan (Goku's adoptive grandfather), and Ox-King (Chi Chi's father).

Quests Edit

Delivery For Master Roshi - Deliver Roshi's Package Quest Edit

A dark-haired woman at Central City can be interacted by the player. She will give the player a One-Time Quest to deliver to Master Roshi what is assumed to be an adult magazine (the Quest Giver doesn't actually tell the player what they're delivering). To complete the Quest, the player must fly over to Kame House, and talk to Master Roshi.

In the Tournament of Power Edit

He is seen as an enemy NPC fighting Cocotte in the Tournament of Power, possessing the same muscle build, and wearing the same white tank top and greenish pants as he did in Dragon Ball Super's Universe Survival Saga.

Trivia Edit

  • Upon finishing the Quest, Master Roshi will claim his package to be the "[...]best 12 dollars [he's] ever spent", although the game doesn't use American dollars.
  • He's the only enemy NPC in the Tournament of Power in Team Universe 7 that uses a different body package.