Namek is an unlockable area after reaching Level 100 and interacting with the Namekian Spaceship in Yunzabit Heights on Earth. It is the first unlockable area and holds a smaller land size than Earth. Here, players can participate in much more challenging and rewarding quests than what was available on Earth (such as fighting Frieza or the Ginyu Force).

Points of InterestEdit

  • Guru's House - A building atop a large protrusion in the middle of the sea. Here, players can talk to Guru, who will bestow EXP on non-Saiyan/non-Namekian players, and a Namekian (not nail) assistant who offers a QuestNote: please note that if you've gotten the gift from guru, you can't get it again, this includes prestige.
  • Frieza's Spaceship - An alien spaceship docked on a small island. Here, players can battle Frieza.

Hostile NPCs Edit


A map of Namek.

  1. Elite Frieza Soldiers
  2. Universal Namekian
  3. Strong Frost Demons
  4. Zarbon
  5. Recoome
  6. Captain Ginyu, Recruit Frieza Soldiers
  7. Frieza
  8. Burter, Frost Demons
  9. Strong Frieza Soldiers
  10. Frieza Soldiers, Jeice
  11. Executive Frieza Soldiers
  12. Rogue Nameks
  13. Guldo, Super Elite Frieza Soldiers
  • many characters from the namek arc are not included on namek or in the game (e.g, Dodoria).