Nail is a Namekian NPC located in Western Namek.

He wears the same clothing as he wore during the Planet Namek Saga of Dragon Ball Z and is missing part of his left arm.

In the canon, he was an assistant of Grand Elder Guru, until Frieza appeared. He was sent to fend Frieza off, but was defeated and was left to waste; he was soon found by Piccolo. They both agreed to perform the Namekian Fusion, and both became the Fusion that possessed Piccolo's body.

Namekian Fusion Edit

Interacting with him as a Namekian will activate an assimilation, this grants the player 20 stat points that can be freely allocated. Interacting with him as any other race will yield no reward.

Trivia Edit

  • As of October 15th 2018, Nail's model in-game has disappeared though he can still be interacted with.