Music is the tracks that play whilst the player is within a certain area of a map. Every map in the game has at least one track. Clicking on the music note icon in the Menu can enable and/or disable the music.

Note: Tracks with a "✝" beside them indicate that the track has been replaced with Roblox's stock tracks. Locations marked with a "???" beside them indicate that their track is unknown at the moment. Locations marked with a "..." beside them indicate that the location has no music.

Earth TracksEdit

  • Outskirts - Krillin Powers Up (Bruce Faulconer)✝
  • Central City - Power of a Super Saiyan God (DB Z: Battle of Gods)
  • Parsley City - ...
  • South City - Gohan's Anger Remix (Custom remastered version)
  • East City (Destroyed) - Goku Recovers (Bruce Faulconer)
  • West City - A Disastrous Spectacle (DB Z KAI)
  • Satan City - Hercule's Orchestra/Mr. Satan's Theme (Bruce Faulconer)✝
  • Goku's House - Heroic Trunks (Bruce Faulconer)✝
  • Forest - New Earth Music (Bruce Faulconer)✝
  • Kame House - Seaside sound effects
  • Southern Islands - Vegeta's Theme (Bruce Faulconer)✝
  • World Martial Arts Tournament - World Tournament (Z Theme) (DB Z Budokai 3)
  • Yunzabit Heights - Super Namek (Bruce Faulconer)✝
  • Canyons - Android 16 (Bruce Faulconer)✝
  • North Mountains - ??? (Presumably Bruce Faulconer)
  • Grassland - SSJ3 Power Up (Bruce Faulconer)✝
  • Cell Games Arena - Perfect Cell Theme (Bruce Faulconer)
  • Wasteland - Hikari no Willpower (Final Bout) (remixed by Cliff Weinstein)
  • Ginger Town - Imperfect Cell Theme (Bruce Faulconer)✝
  • Korin Tower - ??? (Presumably Bruce Faulconer)✝
  • Kami's Lookout - The Gods' Bolero (DB Z KAI)
  • Capsule Corp. - ??? (Presumably Bruce Faulconer)

Planet Namek TracksEdit

  • Outskirts - Destiny (DB Z KAI)
  • Central Namek - The Braveheart's Triumphant Return (DB Z KAI)
  • South Namek - Super Namek (Bruce Faulconer)✝
  • Western Namek - A Moment for Shuddering (DB Z KAI)
  • Frieza's Spaceship - The Formidable Warrior, the Saiyan (DB Z KAI)
  • Ginyu Force - The Braveheart Challenges the Strong (DB Z KAI)
  • Destroyed Islands - The Clouds of War Spread (DB Z KAI)
  • Guru's House - Absolute Power (DB Super)✝

Space TracksEdit

  • Outskirts - Time Chamber (Bruce Faulconer)✝
  • Asteroids - Raditz Battle/Space Theme (DB Xenoverse)
  • Frieza Planet #981 - ??? (Presumably Bruce Faulconer)✝
  • Planet Nemee - ??? (Presumably DB Z KAI)
  • Planet Watrin - Courage Fills the Heart (DB Z KAI)
  • Planet Potafeu - ??? (Presumably DB Z KAI or DBZ Budokai)
  • Planet Eros - At the Battle's End (DB Z KAI)
  • Planet Tazba - Dark Half (DB Z Budokai 2)
  • Planet Alpha - Tears of Grief (DB Z KAI)
  • Planet Yardrat - Scampering Battle (DB Z KAI)
  • Planet Popol - ??? (Presumably DB Z KAI)
  • New Planet Vegeta - 10s (Pantera)✝
  • Beerus's Planet - Beerus Madness (DB Super)

Destroyed Future TracksEdit

  • Outskirts - Time (DB Super)
  • Future Central City - Blue Saiyan (DB Super)
  • Future South City - All-Out Battle! (DB Super)
  • Future East City - The Birth of Merged Zamasu (DB Super)
  • Future West City - The Final Deathmatch (DB Super)
  • Future Satan City - Memories of Time (DB Super)
  • New Lake - The Birth of a God (DB Super)
  • New Lake - Vegito Theme (DB Super)✝
  • Future Cell Games Arena - Regret (DB Super)

Other TracksEdit

Trivia Edit

  • Earth is the only map where its tracks have not been made in Dragon Ball Super.
    • It's also the first map to have a remix track ("Hikari no Willpower" remix playing in Wastelands).
  • The reason why majority of the maps' tracks have been replaced by Roblox's stock tracks is because of copyright issues.
  • If a player goes underwater, the music, and the sounds the player makes, will sound more hollow and have more echoes.
  • Earth's Parsley City and the Tournament of Power are the only locations overall to not have music.