Earth (Starting Area)

Earth is the starting area of all new players to Final Stand. More specifically, new players spawn at Goku’s House, where the quests handed out by Chi-Chi will be available. Other spawns in Earth include the spawn at west city, central city, south city, outskirts, and Korin’s tower. This world isn’t generally easy leveled.


Namek (Level 100)

Namek is the world available for players 100+. One of the fastest ways to level up as a 100 range player, Namek is one of player’s most favorited areas. This is harder for people in the lower hundreds.


Space (Level 200)

Space is an area where players travel around in space pods too different planets, where different quests can be given out. Flying into the Earth and Namek planets will teleport the players into the respectful server. This doesn’t have a bigg difficulty jump like Namek.

Destroyed Future (Level 300)

300+, The Destroyed Future’s map is nearly identical to the one of Earth, but all buildings are destroyed or damaged. The difficulty here is enormously huge, making it hard to level up without the skill or the knowhow.

Tournament of Power (Level 400)

The Tournament of Power is a playable event restricted for levels 400+. Up to teams of 10, players must defeat npcs from other universes (including Team Universe 7), eventually beat Jiren, to obtain a wish from Zeno

Secret World (level 350)

The secret world is a unique late-game area. It has golden quests, which are overrall harder than the ones in future. The only way to access this world is a secret portal in space.