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Cool Krillin's Glasses Shop

Krillin is an NPC located at Kame House and South City, on Earth.

He wears the same clothes as he did in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super. He also has the same noseless face and the six incense burns on his forehead.

In the Dragon Ball canon Edit

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Krillin (クリリン 'Kuririn') is a former student of Master Roshi. His parents are unknown. He is the husband of Android 18, and father of Marron.

Quests Edit

An Autograph - Krillin's Autograph Quest Edit

Krillin is needed for a One-Time Quest given by a man at Central City, who asks the player to receive Krillin's autograph on his behalf. To complete the Quest, the player has to fly over to Kame House, and talk to Krillin, who will happily sign in his signature.

Shops Edit

Cool Krillin's Glasses Shop Edit

This shop is located in South City, run by "Cool Krillin". There are currently 7 glasses available, which includes a visor.

In Tournament of Power Edit

Krillin appears as a T.O.P NPC, fighting Frost.

Trivia Edit

  • In the Tournament of Power, he uses a move that only he can use: Solar Flare.
    • Just like in the anime and manga, Solar Flare momentarily blinds the user's nearby opponent(s), causing the user to gain advantage.
  • Whenever the player talks to Krillin, he will say, "You know, lately, I've been seeing double". This might be because of how cross-eyed he looks.