The Flying Nimbus is a gamepass that can be purchased for 100 ROBUX. Once purchased, it gives the player access to the Flying Nimbus cloud, an alternate means of transportation that allows you to travel high speeds without using any Ki. The Flying Nimbus can be summoned by typing "nimbus" in chat or by pressing the yellow cloud (Which is the Nimbus) button in the menu.

The Flying Nimbus will automatically disappear when the player comes in contact with a surface they can walk on/has taken damage, you can, however, attack yourself without the Nimbus disappearing. When flying, the Nimbus starts at a slow speed and accelerates to max speed in about 1.5 seconds. When used with a transformation, the flying speed of that transformation will be combined with the Flying Nimbus' speed, so you still have increased speed in transformations. (The Nimbus can also be paired with the Space Pod for even greater speed, far exceeding that of the space pod alone).

Note: This gamepass is great for traveling, but has no effect on battle.

Known Bugs:

  • Sometimes when you call out "Nimbus" it will not come or have any effect but you can still hear its whirring.
  • When you land sometimes the Nimbus will stay under your feet with no sound and disappear after a few seconds.
  • When the nimbus is active pressing the nimbus icon again will make the nimbus disappear and return to the player rather than deactivate the nimbus.
  • If you are a Majin with the Metal Majin from, you can call "Nimbus" then go into your Metal Majin form and turn Nimbus into metal.