Planet Earth, as seen from Space.

Planet Earth is the first map that every player starts out with. There are many unique quests, most of which to introduce the player to the game. The quests on Earth are the easiest, out of all the maps.

Map and NPC Mob Locations


Mob numbers are as follows:

  1. Snakes
  2. Gorillas, Bears
  3. Corrupt Police, Thugs, Brutes
  4. Scorpions & Black Scorpions
  5. Red Ribbon Army
  6. Android Prototypes
  7. MapMobs
    Kung Fu Masters
  8. Chi Experts
  9. Kick Boxers
  10. Yeti
  11. Universal Champion
  12. Purple Fighters
  13. Saibareds, Evil Saiyans
  14. Evil Majins
  15. Evil Namekians
  16. Imperfect Cell
  17. Android 17 and 18
  18. Evil Scientists
  19. Evil Crane Students
  20. Evil SSJs
  21. Saibaman, Saibablues, Aliens
  22. Galactic Patrol


  • Goku's House - This is the spot where players first start at.
  • Forest - Bears, and other wild animals, can be found there.
  • Canyons - Red Ribbon soldiers and scorpions can be found there.
  • Satan City - Thugs and criminals can be found there. Also one of the spawnpoints of the map.
  • Central City - Many Quest Givers and shops can be found there. Also one of the spawnpoints of the map.
  • West City - A clothing shop is available there. Also one of the spawnpoints of the map.
  • Capsule Corp - The spaceship that takes players to Space can be found there.
  • East City - Prototype Androids can be found there.
  • Wastelands - Saiyans can be found there.
  • Grassland - Majins can be found there.
  • Yunzabit Heights - Popo's spaceship that leads players to Planet Namek can be found there.
  • Ginger Town - Imperfect Cell can be found there.
  • Korin's Tower - Korin can be found there. He can give players that are not Saiyans are Namekians an EXP boost, by using Ultra Divine Water.
  • The Lookout - Kami and Mr. Popo can be found there. Kami can give Namekian players an EXP boost via Namekian Fusion. It's also where the Tournament of Power Entries are located, and the Hyperbolic Time Chamber can be found there.
  • Parsley City - The smallest city in the game.
  • Kame House - Master Roshi and Krillin can be found there.
  • Southern Islands - Androids 17 and 18 can be found there.
  • South City - Players can enter the Multiplayer Battle Arena, by talking to Goku there.
  • Northern Mountains - The Yeti can be found there. It's also where the Jolly Champion and Perfect Cell used to be located at.
  • World Martial Arts Tournament - Players can sign up for Ranked Matches there.


  • Out of all the maps, Earth has the most locations, and has the most enemy NPCs.
  • The Quest Giver at West City who gives out the Daily Quest to kill 7 Evil Majins resembles the Supreme Kai of Time from the game Dragon Ball Xenoverse, only with white skin and a different hairstyle.
  • Several fourth wall breaks happen throughout the map. All of them are the following:
    • There's a Quest Giver in West City that gives out a "Daily Quest", which is only for the Quest Giver himself to teach players about Daily Quests.
    • There's a Quest Giver at Parsley City that gives out a One-Time Quest, which is to listen to him tell a story of his birth as already an adult. However, he decides to stop because he thinks the story might be "too morbid for Roblox."
    • After the player completes Tien's Quest to kill Saibamen and Saibablues, and when they talk to him again, he'll think he himself is a "terrible character".
    • When the player completes the One-Time Quest to kill the Prototype Androids, and then talks to the Quest Giver again, the Quest Giver will actually mention of the Prototype Android NPCs "respawning".
    • When talking to Hercule at Central City, he'll mention "Robux" a few times.
  • There's a bug in the Quest system that calls a Saibaman "Saibamans" in plural form, instead of "Saibamen".
  • Earth is the only map where its Dragon Balls can be used.