The 'Dragon Balls' are the namesake artifacts of the Dragon Ball series and collectible items in Final Stand, appearing on both Earth and Namek.


On Earth, Dragon Balls will spawn once per server in one of, at least, 25 pre-determined locations. After a Dragon Ball is collected, a second one will not spawn on the server until it is shut down and/or restarts. Dragon Balls do not spawn on private servers.

Shenron, Wishes and DetailsEdit

Once all seven Dragon Balls have been collected by a player, Shenron will immediately be summoned upon collecting the seventh Dragon Ball and will play a server-wide voice clip announcing his presence. He will then present the player with four wishes, including:

  • Zeni: Grants the player 500,000 Zeni.
  • EXP: Grants the player 400,000 EXP (possibly changed).
  • Re-do Character: Returns the player to the Character Customization screen that appears upon starting the game, allowing them to change their race and cosmetic appearance. This does not reset the players level, but does remove all purchased shirts, pants and accessories.
    • If the player changes from any race other than Saiyan to a Saiyan, their stats will be reduced to prevent Saiyans from having a higher than intended base power.
      • Interestingly, Androids are exempt from this rule and can change to any other race with no statistically downgrade. This results in a player dubbed as a 'Hybrid'.
    • If the player did not equip the Tail upon generating their character/unequipped the Tail after prestiging, re-doing their character is the only other way to re/acquire the Tail.
  • Re-do Stats: Returns all spent stat points to the player, allowing them to reallocate them as they see fit.
    • This includes stat points recovered after fusing with Kami or Nail.

Once the wish has been granted, Shenron will disappear and whatever wish was chosen will be fulfilled. However, whilst the player is choosing their wish, they can be knocked away by attacks and have their wish interrupted, allowing other players to collect the wish instead. Whether a wish is stolen or not, the player who collected the seventh Dragon Ball will not be able to summon Shenron again and will not be able to collect any more Dragon Balls.


Namekian Dragon Balls are an integrated part of the map and are required to be collected to complete certain Quests. Unlike Earth Dragon Balls, however, clicking on seven Namekian Dragon Balls does not summon Porunga to grant wishes.