There are 4 Clothing Shops in the game currently, they offer a large amount of outfits from Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, Dragon Ball Super, custom Dragon Ball, other anime and few real life clothes.

  • The largest amount of outfits can be found in Central City along with the variety of scouters.
  • The most accessories as well as a Hair Dresser for Saiyans and Humans and Androids can be found in South City. All Non-Dragon Ball outfits are in South City.
  • The halo can be found in West City.
  • Also, there is a secret shop that can be found hidden in the mountain behind the Evil SSJ1's (follow the trail of Evil Majins, Saibared, Evil Saiyans, Evil SSJ. Upon destroying the rock, Jiren's shop is revealed.
    • Such moves that can destroy the rock are Special Beam Cannon, Destructo Disk, KKx4 Kamehameha, or Final Flash.
    • As an alternative, use a guardbreak on someone while their back is to the shop.
  • There is a shop called "Krillin's glasses shop" in South City that sells glasses for the player to equip as accessories.

First Floor Edit

Gohan Top (Future) (Top)

Dragon Ball Supreme Kai

Tambourine (Pants)

Vegerut's Gi

Goku Kid GT

Mirai Trunks (No Strap) (Top)

Sun Wukong (Top)

Sun Wukong (Pants)

Pride Troopers (Muscles)

Grey Jacket

Kadock Armor (Top)

Bocage Universe 88 (Pants)

Bocage Universe 88 (Top)

Argus 88 (Pants)

Argus (Top)

Gi Hunna (Bottom)

Gi Hunna (Top)

Android 1-X (Pants)

Android 1-X (Top)

Teen Hero (Pants)

Teen Hero (Top)

Argus Universe 88 (Jumpsuit) (Pants)

Argus Universe 88 (Jumpsuit) (Top)

Otamot Jumpsuit (Bottom)

Otamot Jumpsuit (Top)

Gi Brandon (Bottom)

Gi Brandon (Top)

Torn Purple Gi


Purple Gi

Ultra Instinct Goku

Torn Gi

- First Floor -

Goku (GT) Adult (Top)

Epic Pants

Vanir - Blue Gradient Hoodie

C00l Pants

School Outfit

Saiyan Armor

White Headband

Red Headband

Green Headband

Purple Headband

Yellow Headband

Punk Kid

Snowflake Cloak

Midnight Rider Shades

Gray Assassin

Valkryie Helm

Paper Hat

Black Headband

Nomadic Steampunk Headband

Great Detective Fedora

Great Detective Cape


Red Whis Gi

GT Goku Top [SSJ4]

Goku UnderShirt Top [Muscles]

Zamasu Black Fusion DBS


Piccolo's Cape

Piccolo's Hat

- Second Floor -

Kefla Fusion

Android 17 DBZ

Nastu D

Orange & Blue Gi

Adult Goan Gi



Pirate Pahroah

Dio Tank

Bardock (Top)

Bardock Damaged (Bottom)


Future Trunks [DBS]

Majin Buu

Kid Buu

Crane School Uniform

Crane Pants

Tien Shinhan

Goku Time Patrol (Top)

Goku's Jacket

Majin Female

Dio Jacket

Track Suit

Son Goten DBS

Yamcha (Desert Bandit)



Android 17 Super

Android 18

Vegeta Dress Suit [DBS]

Purple Suit

Future Sweater

Majin Male Tanktop

King Vegeta


Galactic Patrol

Trunks Again

Master Roshi

Vegeta Buu Saga

Black Saiyan

Black Bandages

Arm Bandages

Orange Gi

Black Suit

Trunks Pants

Kai Pants


Black Pants

Black Training Top

Wife Beater

Black Tank

Real Bulk

Aqua Training Top

Green Training Top

Yellow Training Top

Red Training Top

Grey Training Top

Blue Training Top

Vegeta BADMAN Shirt

Custom Scientist

Universe 6 Namekian

Goku Dragon Ball Super


Top Hat (5000 Zeni)

Straw Hat (5000 Zeni)

Fedora (5000 Zeni)

Buddy Hat (5000 Zeni)

Little Jiren (50000 Zeni)

Notes Edit

  • The Little Jiren accessory makes it nearly impossible to fly.
  • Races such as Frieza's and Majins and Namekians are unable to use the hairstyler.


  • Prior to the 8/6/18 update,Central City and South City's shop have had their second floor blocked by an invisible barrier.

Gallery Edit