A beam clash (sometimes referred to as beam struggle) occurs when two players fire a wave or beam of any type (chargeable or non-chargeable) at each other, causing the beams to collide with each other. (Currently, the beams do not actually collide, shown below.) In a beam clash, players can add power to their beam by pressing a random button shown on screen. If a player has more power during the clash, their attack will cancel the other one, and keep extending until it hits the other player, dealing extra damage.

Kamehameha vs. Galick Gun

Notes Edit

  • Beam clashes can be triggered between a player and an NPC
  • Non-chargeable beams/quick beams can sometimes start a beam clash (e.g. God of Destruction's Anger versus Death Beam)
  • Sometimes a beam clash will not happen even if both beams collide. Instead, the beams will cancel each other out (This is what happens with NPC’s instead of a beam clash).
  • Sphere attacks, such as Supernova, cannot start a beam clash with other sphere attacks or beams
  • If one player dies or leaves the game during a beam clash, the opposing player will continue to fire their beam at nothing, unless they reset.
  • If Beam Scatter happens to clash with another beam, multiple beam clashes will be started at once.
  • Sometimes, a beam clash can occur between a beam and the Energy Wave given off by certain transformations.
    RobloxScreenShot20181125 223739987

    Beam clashing with beam scatter