Basic Combat Edit

Basic Combat is a form of fighting without the use of skills or abilities.

The two forms of basic combat are Ki Blasts and Melee.

Ki Blasts: Edit

Ki Blasts [E key] are short bursts of ki that, if hit, will slightly damage an enemy, but never kill them. They can be used to aggravate the opponent to go into close quarter combat. Alternatively, they can be used to prematurelly cause beams to explode. The damage of the blast is determined by the ki damage stat of the user. 

Melee: Edit

Basic melee [Left/Right Mouse button] are basic attacks that damage and can kill an enemy. The damage and speed are determined by your melee damage and speed stat. This attack is best used to add additional damage to your combos as they can stun the enemy for a brief moment and can be quick if your speed stat is high enough.

Combat Clash:Edit

Combat clash is when two opposing Players or NPCs (or a mix of the two) uses a basic guard breaking move. Both sides receive small amounts of damage and are repelled back.

Moves Edit

These skills are attacks stronger than Ki blasts or melee attacks, they are either Melee or Ki based. They are bought from the Shop, or from Whis in his shop in Central City.

Melee Moves: Edit

Melee moves damage are determined by the Melee Damage stat, exception for Spirit Slash and Spirit Bomb Sword. These moves starts by either a Guard Break like animation and the combo starts from there, or just the move, like Meteor Crash.

Ki Moves: Edit

Ki moves damage are determined by the Ki Damage stat, usually these moves are chargeable, with only a few exceptions.

Defensive Actions Edit

Block: Edit

By holding "F", the player can block incoming attacks, reducing the damage. It can be broken by Guard Break and Guard Breaking moves. Block doesn't do anything if you are attacked from behind however.

Dodge: Edit

By pressing "Q", the player will dodge in the direction pressed, if no direction is pressed, you will dodge backwards. If pressed with SHIFT held down, it will dodge and vanish at the cost of KI. It is possible to stack beans that you could otherwise only use once if used while using the vanish version.

Other: Edit

There are other moves in the shop under the “other” section that can be used to defend/dodge attacks (e.g energy barrier, instant rise, ect). These are known as "combo escapes".

Trivia Edit

Ki blasts are weak and cannot defeat players or NPC's, but can soften them up.

Melee Does a lot of damage.