Babidi's Magic

Babidi's Magic is a gamepass that can be purchased for 650 Robux.

Details Edit

This gamepass gives players access to a form, which engulfs the user in a purple aura with electric energy swirling around them, and the Majin's insignia imprinted upon their avatar's forehead.

Mechanics Edit

The user can access the form by saying "Majin!" in the chat, or simply clicking on the "M" icon in the Menu.

Stats Edit

Health Max Ki Max Melee Damage Ki Damage Melee Defense Ki Defense Speed
+0 +0 +50 +50 +50 +50 +50

Notes Edit

  • Moderate Ki drain.
  • When this form is activated, the player cannot collect EXP from enemies, but is still able to do so by completing quests. The only exception to this is Goku in the Time Chamber.

Gallery Edit

RobloxScreenShot20180618 224825146 (2)

The user's avatar, with Babidi's Magic