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An Android Absorbing

The Android Race is one of the 6 races available to the player once they start the game. This is currently the newest race implemented to the game. The player is able to fully customize this race upon beginning the game, allowing access to alteration of the players height, width, hair style and skin tone.

Androids are incredibly unique to all of the other races in that they lack any sort of transformation (with the exception of Ultra Instinct). They can receive boosts from Korin and Guru but can not fuse with Kami or Nail.

Alterations compared to Other Races

  • Androids are incapable of charging ki. Instead, they very quickly regenerate ki after a short while of not using it.
  • Androids will not regenerate ki if blocking.
  • Androids are incapable of transforming. As compensation for this, they will gain an extra +1 to all statistics every level instead of every two or three. This results in Androids having the most powerful base forms in the entire game.
  • Androids have 50% less Ki capacity than other races. 

Ki Absorption

Instead of replenishing their Ki meter whilst holding X, Androids will instead activate a technique referred to as 'Ki Absorption'. For the duration of time the X key is held down, the Android:

  • Will take 0% Ki damage.
  • If they are hit with a move that uses ki damage, they will first regenerate ki. Then when the ki bar is full, they will start to gain health equal to the amount of Ki damage received, including melee moves that use the Ki stat to determine damage (Power Impact, Double Launcher, etc).
    • Moves that will not regenerate Ki or Health include HBTC Goku's Warp Kamehameha.
  • Will be guard broken (though not removed from Ki Absorption) once hit with a basic melee attack or any other melee based move.
  • Will be unable to regenerate Ki.



  • Androids are the only race to gain +1 to all stats every level resulting in them having the strongest base stats of any race. ~1.7x other races.
  • Due to the lack of transformations, Androids will always remain in base form and receive the full reward for defeating NPCs by proxy.
  • An unprestiged Level 500 Android's base stats would be a combined maximum of 3,994 points. Combined with Ultra Instinct, its only available form, would raise the total to 6,494 points.
  • If an android fuses with another player in their form the android can't charge or regen ki due to the form's drain, and absorption doesn't work. The only way to regain ki is for the non-android player to gain control and charge.
  • Androids ki Regen is disrupted when using the majin gamepass resulting in the player being unable to Regen ki until the majin gamepass is turned off.
  • Androids benefit the most from red jars/beans, due to red jars multiplying the players base damage stats (melee damage & ki damage).