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• 11/16/2017

What is the best race?

and what is the worst?
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• 11/17/2017
It really depends on how you use your stat points and your fighting style.
• 11/19/2017
As per stat-wise, Saiyans would be the best race at Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken x10 (Current saiyan's peak transformation) you would have +750 points added to your base stats which supercedes any race's transformation. Heck, a Super Saiyan God is already overkill because it surpasses or is slightly on par with many of the other race's God or Max level transformation. The worst race would be the Majins at their peak transformation stats bonus is +160 which is nothing compared of that to a Super Saiyan God or Super Saiyan Blue.

But honestly, all of these stats are BS and it depends on what you mainly focus on your stats such as Ki Max, Health Max, Melee Resistance and how your fighting styles compare to others. A superior fighter will simply beat another player.
• 12/4/2017
Super Saiyan God is not over kill, for the saiyans low base stat points the extra points it gets makes it equal. Im a melee/health majin build and its going pretty well.
• 12/6/2017
The aryan one.
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